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Published February 16, 2012 by salasbpa

   Conducting survey for me is the most enjoying and interesting part of my activities as a student where it consist of my group member. Survey is one of our activity in our major subject w/c is to be conducted in a certain barangay including chairman and barangay officials. It is privileged to us to know the function  of a barangay as an LGU. Survey for me is a little pressure because it is a waste of time, money effort but it is our responsibility to  do as part of a project. But eventually I could say that I am lucky because it is my one way to let myself feel and develop my unhidden knowledge in the field of being a Public Administration student so it means that even though it is hard and sacrificing but there is a change which I call it learning. The more you get closer to that activity which is the survey the more you get a lot of learning and at the same time knowledge.

        I know that at the end of the semester this experience, I know that no one can get and occupied except my self. For my next week experience, Good Luck!!