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Published February 7, 2012 by salasbpa


            Every 2nd week of February which is February 14 is the celebration of Valentines day. But could we able or really think the meaning of valentines day? What do we mean by valentines day? I know that everyone knows the answer and knows the meaning of it. But for me, valentines days is the day where we show love to our parents, to remind our friends or our especial someone the joy we give to them, the day of peace and most especially the day of emotions and happiness. It is understood that the month of February  where it reminds the broken hearten person and a lot more. The exact date where there are a lot  of loveless and lately will have a lovers. But i guess it is natural and yes it is happening. The valentines day where most of people are dating to the most special place together with their especial someone or friends . The month of February also reminds us that every time that we have a problem their is love to relieve pain and also to calm our feelings.

           We should always give thanks to our lord because through him their is  a celebration of valentines day. The love of God is like an ocean, you can see its beginnings but not its end. So, therefore the love of God to us is very deep and wide.

             Advance valentines to all!!!