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Published March 4, 2012 by salasbpa


Since I join the Charismatic renewal it has a lot of changes to me and one of that changes is transforming my attitude of being shyness into a better person. Being who I am, I know it is hard for me to adjust but I tried to be positive for me to enhance my unhidden talent. Being a speaker of that night, and that was last Friday I felt nervous, my hands are cramming and also my knees. It was that night that I don’t know what I’m going to do but instead I told  my self not to be negative but to be positive.

         A wide and silent place where I conducted my first speech, I was tried and able to stand and talk to them about  our report and that was the weekly activity. Every prayer meeting we are required to report what we do in every week because nobody was able to volunteer to stand and conduct a report in front of them they directly choose me. It was not also easy because it was an impromptu, so because of my fighting spirit what I did is that I never stop, I go directly and face them w/ smile then I start to talk. I was able to finish it w/ no doubt.

       After all I realized that whatever is in your heart don’t be shy to show it to them  but instead let your self shared of what is inside of you. Thanks to my first speech. God Bless us all!