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Published January 5, 2012 by salasbpa



Last week we celebrated the new years eve. The incoming of 2012 was the most memorable experience ever happened in my life. Before the incoming of 2012 new years eve me, my sisters and my friend went to church for a mass and after the mass we took picture w/my friends inside the church and also the outside the church. Before we leave we ask the priest who conducted the mass to have a picture w/him together w/my friends, then he agreed to take a picture.After the picture taking we went home to celebrate the incoming new year.When the 12:00 o’clock sharp we started to see beautiful fireworks in the sky and a lot more. In that time my grandparents showering money and candy to us as part of ┬átraditional beliefs.

The sweetest and most memorable part for my past week experience is when we enjoy the evening like doing dancing together w/my friends and most especially w/ my crush. I feel happy because I did not expect that, that event will become true because my dream is to have dancing together w/ him. It consist of almost 1 hour of doing dancing and this is the first time happened in my life. In all the experience this is the only and mostly memorable experience ever happened in my life. How I wish that those experience happened in my life will resume again but I know it will never happen again but only memories will be left. I will always treasure this experience forever and ever.

For my past week experience I would say a million thank you for that experience.