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Published February 13, 2012 by salasbpa

             Last week was one of my greatest , challenging and memorable week ever in  my life. I am so touch to my feeling because of the very great event. But before anything else let me start to tell the past event. February 8-11 was the MUST days and a lot of activities happened. There are outsiders who visited our school and there are also a lot of vendors  who sale their products. It is enjoying because of the events like MUST top models and I appreciated that some of my schoolmates are participating. And at the end of the day which is the last day of MUST days the school conducted a lighting which is good for the people. The second part of my past experience was the joining of Charismatic Renewal . This organization I join was so great and very memorable experience because it is where you surrender all to God  and  be a follower to God. In that past experience we do singing, dancing and etc. There are people who conducted their speech and their experience. It was also interesting because my neighbor,  and my siblings also joining  in that event.

           The purpose I join the Charismatic Renewal is not for popularity but to serve God and be a follower to God because through him, he made every thing and w/out God there is nothing. Thanks to my past experience. I enjoy a lot!