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Published November 29, 2011 by salasbpa


Always continue the journey of being a channel of inspiration

to every person you meet on the road.

Life is never a coincidence.

Its the fruit of the seed of what you plant

and remember there are only two days in our lives

that  we  can do nothing about:

first is yesterday which is gone , while the other 

is tomorrow with uncertain and might not come at all.

We only live today  so, stay bless and

feel the presence of God at all times.

My Insight

Published November 26, 2011 by salasbpa


My Insights for previous week

I was so lucky for the last previous week that I meet a new instructor, professor  & a new classmate. I was also happy because we meet each other again. It is my pleasure that we stay again as one section even though some of our classmates are still looking for a money for their tuition fee. I know how they feel because I`ve also realized what they feel and experience. Aside from the joyful that i felt it cannot deny that as the class a started and the days passed by I was then realized that our task becomes harder and harder especially to our task and assignments. As I  look and compare the situation it was so different. As I`ve notice that as you reach to the level of your studies it becomes harder and harder. Even though how hard it is and even though our instructor giving us a hard task that we should accomplished it as soon as possible but still I heartedly accepted and grab it without any complain because I know that in be half of that task given to us by our instructor I know that their will be learnings which we use and shared to other people. Even though that for the last previous week was hard I am still hoping pray that all the trials that we experience  will give some learnings  which could we use and shared  that to other people.

My looking forward

Published November 25, 2011 by salasbpa

My Looking Forward for the Next Week

I am looking forward for the next week that if possible their well be good events that will come and no problems or stress will interfere. I am also looking forward that as soon as possible I could accomplish all my tasks, assignments,requirements and etc. and hoping that in the next week is good day for me. I am also looking forward that there will be new  lesson to tackle which gives us amoral lesson and courage so that we will be motivated as a student. As a student like me will hoping that all the lesson that our instructor give will guide us to a better way, nothing else and nothing more . I also expected that for the next week there will be activities  which in the field of our interest so that it will give much more impact to us as a student. Being a student I know that every task given is a trial which we use it as our strength so that if they will come we will use that strength as our protector. I am also looking forward for the next week that if possible I could handled my task without any complain because as a student like me its not easy to handle a situation especially if you think that the situation is not appropriate to your will. Hoping and still praying again that this will help me a lot because I know this will lead me and brighter  me for future someday.  May God bless and guide me always.