Published March 25, 2012 by salasbpa

Tall or small? Strict or not strict?  Long hair or short? Married or not ? For me, whatever.

           Since the first day of our class until the end of our last meeting she never left us. I could still remember the day that her womb was about 7 or 8 months. I believe in her ability because although she was pregnant  at that time she could still walk until the 3rd floor of our building. Until the day of her deliberation  she’s still remain and teach us all the learning. 

                 Mrs. Jackie Paraiso  is my teacher in Information Communication Technology (ICT)  subject. The first lesson she teach us was to make/create an account in G-mail and Word press. When I first try to create an account it was a lot of error  until I successfully made and create a new account. The first requirements that she required to us was to make a blog that contains 4 topic every  week. Although it was hard to make but I pursue it  because I believe  that  could learn something. I start making a blog on the month of  November until January and I made more than 40 blogs until it reaches march an it contains about 75 blogs.It was overwhelming because I learn and got a little knowledge out of what I made. The 2nd requirements that she gave to us was to make a HTML as a project using notepad. She required us to make 8 pages and even though it was hard at first to make a HTML but the most important is the learning that she teach us was applicable to everything and to tell you something that I learn a lot.

            All in all there’s nothing I could say to my ICT teacher w/out her maybe I am not knowledgeable of the thing she teach us. I will never forget all the memories in the ICT lab.


 Dear Maam,

 Salamat kaayo sa tanan nimong gitudlo. Dako kay nakog pasalamat nga bisan usahay lisod ang pagbuhat  sa Blog ug HTML apan nagpabilin ug nagkugi ko sa paghimu ug tungod niini dako kay siyag tabang sa akoa. salamat pud diay sa imong pagpa-ilob kay bisan unsa kaayo me kasabaan sa imong klase nagpabilin gyapon ang imong pagpa-inubsanon.

                  Manghinaot ko nga magpabilin imong presensya og pagkamaayo nga inahan ug maestra. Daghan kaayong salamat!!!

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