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Published December 23, 2011 by salasbpa

Welcome back to school

 After we experience the tragic event happened to people because of typhoon sendong and after we notice the Christmas eve, turning back to school is coming. The 3rd day of the month of January 2012  is the start of the classes. Everyone is preparing there selves for the incoming of class and preparing there selves for the new challenge in the year 2012. Turning back to school in the year 2012, I know and surely believe that there will be a lot of activities will be given to us by our instructor. I know that these will be my challenge to face and fight my weaknesses. But before that I sympathized also those schools who are not yet fixed because of the said typhoon. Hoping that they will recover the said event. The turning back to school is a new life for us student. In the year 2012, I know has a lot of exams, report, activities and assignments which we fulfill it being a student. I know this will be hard for me because year 2012, we  don’t know our future yet. I am also happy that I will see my classmates again.Even if I have a lot of challenge for the year 2012, I  will just take it little by little so that I could finish it. I will never forget to pray always to the lord through him I live in this world and he guides me whatever I do.

May God Bless always!