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Published January 30, 2012 by salasbpa



         Last week we celebrated the Chinese New Year. Each and every Chinese people are excited of their much awaited event. Chinese people was much and well prepared because it’s their tradition to celebrate.  Artist like Kim Chui, Xian Lim and other was very happy because for them it’s once in every year they celebrate the Chinese new year and for them they think that this year will be the Lucky’s year ever. 

          Every Chinese new year we see Chinese lantern, a lot of decoration, fireworks at night and a lot more and one of there  famous food is tikoy. Tikoy for them is very delicious and one of the most and famous when it comes to their tradition. Even my classmate are preparing food because she has a blood of Chinese. In their house shes also preparing food like tikoy. 

        When it comes to beliefs Chinese people are very expert and they follow it in order for them to be lucky also. For these year it is the year of the blue water dragon and a lot of Chinese people are expecting to be lucky this year.

        Even if I am not a blood of Chinese But I’d still respect their yearly traditional event because we have a lot of Chinese people here live in our country.  KUNG HEI FAT GHOI  to our Chinese people and may have their gracious blessing.