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Published February 6, 2012 by salasbpa


             Every person faces trails and problems and it is true to all not only by one but a lot of people. I used to be pressure especially during my exam because it is not easy to study all the subject you have. During those times I’ve experience I feel weak because of the activities and a lot more but thanks to our lord that he did not left me in times of my trouble and pressure. Pressure is my number one enemy because it brings me a lot of trouble, stress and most especially it weaken my mind and soul.  As a human  like me it is natural to experience that kind of things but we will not forget to get strength to our almighty god and have faith to your self so that you will not be helpless. Every day during my exam which is my pressure week, I learn to manage my self and most of all to manage the time properly in order to balance the schedule that I have and to be able to study the all subject properly so that to get the  expected grade you wanted because if there’s  no time management I am pretty sure that shortage of time will be yours. But in be half of the pres-sureness, stresses, and trials I learn to be strength and I am able to be strength  because of the challenges.

            At the end, I would say that don’t give up and face the challenges you have because at the end there will be success.