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MY INSIGHTS FOR LAST WEEK: The most tragic experience of people because of typhoon sendong

Published December 19, 2011 by salasbpa

The most tragic experience of people because of typhoon sendong 

 One of the most and tragic experience in the residence of  Iligan  and Cagayan de Oro especially in Carmen, Balulang, Macanhan and Bulua because of typhoon sendong was an embarrassing moment ever had. A lot of people would`t expect the happenings coming to them. The cause of typhoon sendong would cause to 500 people died and a lot of houses are diminished. It was a shocking night to them that their love ones, house and things was gone. They couldn’t imagine the big damage of typhoon sendong. The crying of people  because of the said typhoon was an embarrassing happened to them. After the tragic event of typhoon sendong, the evidence was reflect and was left. A lot of people went to evacuation center  and others went to schools in which they temporarily took them as there house. The dead body of people because of typhoon sendong was reflect and evidence to them. All people who was included in that event felt hungry and begging but because of the alertness of our kindhearted people, the people who was asking for food was finally feed and until now a lot of donors giving dress and food. How I wish that this tragic event would be the last and never happened again. I know that this is not the fault of our creator but maybe he has a purpose why these things happened. I sympathized those people who involved in this event and I’ll pray that people who undergone in this shocking event will not lose hope and begin with a new life and smile.

Advance Merry Christmas to everyone.