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My Insights for previews week

Published December 1, 2011 by salasbpa

My Insights for previous week

Last week we did everything. Everyone of us are really busy even me. We started reporting as our major requirement.Each of us thinking on how our  work will be done. Every day is another day and yes it is true. And everyday is another day to prepare our selves in our daily activities like seat works, recitation , assignments, quiz and  reporting. I realized that if you come to school you have to prepare your self always. Being a student it is our privileged to fulfill what our instructor ask from us. I have come to realized also that in the last previous week that it is important to balance and manage your time so that you will come up and make better use of your time. I am telling these because in the last week I got a shortage of my time especially  when I conducted my studies. From these problem I learn so much. From the previous week also it cannot deny that you feel hungriness of your stomach and that how I feel when the class ended and also after the hungriness it cannot deny also that during our class I feel sleepy. But despite of that problem I am always praying and gather strength to our almighty God that he will guide me and protect me from everything and lead me to a better path. From that previous week I have experienced I got a lot of lesson learned.