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Published January 10, 2012 by salasbpa


                    SIMBANG GABI 

     One of my best perfect picture was taken during Christmas eve. This picture was one of my best evidence and memorable picture I ever had. This picture contains all the event happened during the Christmas eve. Aside from the Christmas eve we also went to church for a mass or what we called the ” SIMBANG GABI”. Every mass contains a very and best experience because I know that it will never back what is past. I enjoy the moment of having w/ my friends. After the mass we go home together w/ a big smile in our face.

This picture is my evidence of all the happenings in that night. Even if our dear young people suffers from struggling because of typhoon sendong we still enjoy the moment and I apologized for them of what is happening. I believe that life is too short so we enjoy every single moment.