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Published January 14, 2012 by salasbpa



                    “HARD WORK”

         Hard work is the most important things in order to be success because it will bring us to a better life. One of my concern for my looking forward for the next week is the HARD WORK because for next week activities has a lot of reports to fulfill and works to finish. I encourage my self to be a hard working student/ person so that no regret at the end. I know that these is a challenge for me and my chance to prove for my self that I can do all my works even if that there are times that I feel to surrender because of the pressure but I still consider and approach my self to finish and finish the work not because it is needed but also to enrich my learning and broadening my knowledge.

          I know that for next week we will have a midterm exam so I should prepare my and be positive always so that no stress and pressure at that end. For the next week also,  I will and should not forget to pay the monthly obligation w/c is to pay the tuition fee so that we can take the exam clearly.

        Aside from the hard work  we should always give thanks to our  dear lord because through him we lived in this beautiful world and also one of the most important things is the prayer. We must always pray because  hard work w/out prayer is useless, so it should have the prayer plus the hard work equals to have a successful life. May God Bless us always!