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THE MONTH OF DECEMBER: The Coming of Christmas Eve

Published December 7, 2011 by salasbpa

The Coming of Christmas Eve

The month of December is the month where our Jesus Christ was born.The month where wherein every people are excited to celebrate the Christmas and especially the much awaited of every people is the giving of gifts.It is our nature to give a gift to those person whom we like and not only to those person we like but also to our beloved parents. As the month of December arise there are lot firecrackers we see in every store. Every people are excited when the month of December is coming because in the mind and heart of every  people the month of December is the most especial and much awaited event. Christmas is the sign that our Jesus Christ was born and as the Filipino people we celebrated it. Christmas eve is the much awaited event in every life of people because it only happened once in every  one year and as culture we prepare foods as a sign of blessings.When there is Christmas the next mind of people is the celebration of Christmas party and yes I agreed because as a Filipino people also that it cannot deny it is part of our culture. Once there is a Christmas party there is always happiness because Christmas is the sign o giving and loving. The month of December where we feel more happy and super excited that our feelings  when there is Christmas is very, very joyful that no one can explain  of it. I know that in the coming of Christmas eve will be the greatest and most especial event that people  may never feel the pain but only joy in there heart. May God Bless these coming Christmas.