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Published March 19, 2012 by salasbpa

March 17 was the exact date of our first prayer meeting held at Cathedral together with the Charismatic member.It was a very silent yet full of sacred place because the prayer meeting was held at the Cathedral church. The guest speaker in that night was came from Manila, a graduate of BS Architecture , a very beautiful and nice speaker. The topic that the guest speaker shared to us was the ” TOTAL CONSECRATION ”  and she defined it that the total consecration- is a total surrender of one self to Jesus thru Mary as a holy slave of love, and then striving to perform all our action with Mary. It also included in her speech the topic of WHY IS TOTAL CONSECRATION DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CONSECRATION? Then it was answered that ” If we do not die to ourselves, we shall not bear a fruit.The TOTAL CONSECRATION (by St. Louie) best reads us to the death to ourselves”. And the last topic she give and shared to us was the 5P’s of total consecration and it was the ( PERFECT DEVOTION, PLAN OF SALVATION, PROTECTION, PROPHECY, AND PASS TO PARADISE). 

                            Those  topic she gave to us was very interesting which makes everyone motivated. After the lecture of those topic we conduct a little activity and that was prayer for the incoming of  Holy Week.

At the end or our prayer meeting it was then successfully delivered b your guest speaker an as a member of Charismatic it was a privileged tome that I joined and I learn something.