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Published March 25, 2012 by salasbpa

Tall or small? Strict or not strict?  Long hair or short? Married or not ? For me, whatever.

           Since the first day of our class until the end of our last meeting she never left us. I could still remember the day that her womb was about 7 or 8 months. I believe in her ability because although she was pregnant  at that time she could still walk until the 3rd floor of our building. Until the day of her deliberation  she’s still remain and teach us all the learning. 

                 Mrs. Jackie Paraiso  is my teacher in Information Communication Technology (ICT)  subject. The first lesson she teach us was to make/create an account in G-mail and Word press. When I first try to create an account it was a lot of error  until I successfully made and create a new account. The first requirements that she required to us was to make a blog that contains 4 topic every  week. Although it was hard to make but I pursue it  because I believe  that  could learn something. I start making a blog on the month of  November until January and I made more than 40 blogs until it reaches march an it contains about 75 blogs.It was overwhelming because I learn and got a little knowledge out of what I made. The 2nd requirements that she gave to us was to make a HTML as a project using notepad. She required us to make 8 pages and even though it was hard at first to make a HTML but the most important is the learning that she teach us was applicable to everything and to tell you something that I learn a lot.

            All in all there’s nothing I could say to my ICT teacher w/out her maybe I am not knowledgeable of the thing she teach us. I will never forget all the memories in the ICT lab.


 Dear Maam,

 Salamat kaayo sa tanan nimong gitudlo. Dako kay nakog pasalamat nga bisan usahay lisod ang pagbuhat  sa Blog ug HTML apan nagpabilin ug nagkugi ko sa paghimu ug tungod niini dako kay siyag tabang sa akoa. salamat pud diay sa imong pagpa-ilob kay bisan unsa kaayo me kasabaan sa imong klase nagpabilin gyapon ang imong pagpa-inubsanon.

                  Manghinaot ko nga magpabilin imong presensya og pagkamaayo nga inahan ug maestra. Daghan kaayong salamat!!!


Published March 19, 2012 by salasbpa

March 17 was the exact date of our first prayer meeting held at Cathedral together with the Charismatic member.It was a very silent yet full of sacred place because the prayer meeting was held at the Cathedral church. The guest speaker in that night was came from Manila, a graduate of BS Architecture , a very beautiful and nice speaker. The topic that the guest speaker shared to us was the ” TOTAL CONSECRATION ”  and she defined it that the total consecration- is a total surrender of one self to Jesus thru Mary as a holy slave of love, and then striving to perform all our action with Mary. It also included in her speech the topic of WHY IS TOTAL CONSECRATION DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CONSECRATION? Then it was answered that ” If we do not die to ourselves, we shall not bear a fruit.The TOTAL CONSECRATION (by St. Louie) best reads us to the death to ourselves”. And the last topic she give and shared to us was the 5P’s of total consecration and it was the ( PERFECT DEVOTION, PLAN OF SALVATION, PROTECTION, PROPHECY, AND PASS TO PARADISE). 

                            Those  topic she gave to us was very interesting which makes everyone motivated. After the lecture of those topic we conduct a little activity and that was prayer for the incoming of  Holy Week.

At the end or our prayer meeting it was then successfully delivered b your guest speaker an as a member of Charismatic it was a privileged tome that I joined and I learn something.


Published March 10, 2012 by salasbpa


A dream is like a treasure box

Where deepest thoughts and desires collide

No one can steal even the wildest fox

Until sweetest delusions hide.

Nightmare is but a hollow well

Where dread and qualms hone

Hope you wake up with the ringing bell

Until dreadful memories gone.

Lies quash a somnolent soul

Massif beneath a wound less heart

But leer sat on empty ghoul

Mirage drown like ancient art.

Dreams are galaxy of brightened veil

As nightmares are storm of largest hail.


Published March 9, 2012 by salasbpa




For this week pink Friday I choose pink rose because aside that it is beautiful, it can relieve pain through looking. Whenever I saw pink  rose I felt happy and it is my one way to relax especially if I have a lot of works. I enjoy whenever I saw it. Thanks to God because he gave us a beautiful pink rose .

best picture

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I choose this picture as a best picture because through this picture I remember the day where we conduct our first choir in the church. It is overwhelming because through the help of my YSL member we serve and sing perfectly. 

      After we sing and serve the church the priest congratulated us for the job will done . Even though it was time consuming because of practices nut still the effort we give during the mass was perfectly amazing.

    I will always keep this as my wonderful experience.


Published March 7, 2012 by salasbpa


     ==> When God  chooses a leader, He looks at the heart first.  When heart is QUALIFIED ,    then the ability will just follow.

    ==> Prayer is not a magic word for satisfying our own wishes, but its the opportunity to work with the Lord and accomplishing his purpose in our life.

   ==> You’re safe not because of the absence of danger but because of the presence of God.

   ==> Smiling even in the pressure and in the trials is not pretending. It’s a strength from God that enables us to go on, in-spite of everything.

   ==> Why is # 7 is God’s perfect #? When in fact 7 is an odd#?

             There are 7 days a week,7 sacraments, 7 capital sin and 7 last word. In the bible you must forgive 7×70 . Even the word  FORGIVE  has 7 letters . The RAINBOW  has 7 colors and it has 7 letters . Maybe God design it. For even the word MYSTERY , PROMISE, and  FRIENDS have 7 letters . Begin learn all the 7 virtues in life- FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, CHARITY, PATIENCE, KINDNESS AND HUMILITY.


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             Everybody is experiencing lose of temper, angry and loneliness in their selves. No one can ever tell  when and what time you encounter a lose of temper. For me, temper are your uncontrolled actions, stresses and etc. So, it needs relaxation to fully control your  temper. 

             Looking forward for the next week has a lot of works and activity. It is a good idea for me that I should control my temper because I am the person that it is easy to get angry. So I should control it in order for me to be calm.

              As the temper involved it is always present and it only differs on how you control it.

             Looking forward for the next week has a lot of activities it needs to finish and one of it is my reporting in taxation, the second is our defense in research subject, the third is the two quizzes coming from the different subject, the HTML for our ICT subject and the last but not the least is the final exam. Through these idea which is to control my temper,I am surely and try my very best to finish and accomplish my works as soon as possible without stress. And it is a good strategy to prove that even how many  works I have but still if your heart is willing, then it is not possible to finish your works.


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Effort, time, money and pray are the best ingredients to  make the work success.

    As a student one of the  requirements in our course is to have a research study or research proposal and of course w/ survey. During those times I felt a little bit of nervous since it is our first time to conduct a study at the same time survey with the official in brgy. Bugo. It is not easy at first because it needs adjustment of time to conduct a survey. So, it needs more time to complete the necessary works. To conduct a research study and survey, it needs effort to gradually complete the task, the money and prayer to guide you in your way.

             In that past experience it is hard and conscious because of difficulties we felt. We never expected that we can conduct despite of our busyness. We tried and do our best so that their will be no wasting of time. 

            In that past experience also I realized that it needs patience because if you don’t have patience you will lose your temper at all. So it is important and we should always bear  that in our mind to fully success on works.

           After we  completely finish our work the most interesting part was we went to the church and pray to the lord for the accomplishment. In that experience we feel that God never left us and it is my belief that the presence of the lord is always their. Go bless to my past experience because I learn a lot.   


Published March 4, 2012 by salasbpa


Since I join the Charismatic renewal it has a lot of changes to me and one of that changes is transforming my attitude of being shyness into a better person. Being who I am, I know it is hard for me to adjust but I tried to be positive for me to enhance my unhidden talent. Being a speaker of that night, and that was last Friday I felt nervous, my hands are cramming and also my knees. It was that night that I don’t know what I’m going to do but instead I told  my self not to be negative but to be positive.

         A wide and silent place where I conducted my first speech, I was tried and able to stand and talk to them about  our report and that was the weekly activity. Every prayer meeting we are required to report what we do in every week because nobody was able to volunteer to stand and conduct a report in front of them they directly choose me. It was not also easy because it was an impromptu, so because of my fighting spirit what I did is that I never stop, I go directly and face them w/ smile then I start to talk. I was able to finish it w/ no doubt.

       After all I realized that whatever is in your heart don’t be shy to show it to them  but instead let your self shared of what is inside of you. Thanks to my first speech. God Bless us all!


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This is a perfect picture for me because this picture where i celebrated my 18th birthday. My family,neighbor, and friends are all their and we eat together. A very memorable picture which I could never forget in my life because being a debuted girl it only happened once in every 18 years and I grab and prepared for that birthday celebration.

            Thanks for it because even though it was not a totally a big2x party but a very thanks to the lord because she added one  more year to my life.