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Published January 6, 2012 by salasbpa


 Looking forward for the next week I know has a lot of works to do and one of that works will be having a lot of assignments, activities and most important part is the exam for the midterm. I know that this is hard for me  but I will ensure to my self that even how hard it is and even if how many works I have, I  will accomplish it as soon as possible so that no regret at the end. For my next week experience I will do my best  to finish whatever my works so that after accomplishing all my works  I am free to do everything.

Looking forward for the next week will be the start of paying of our tuition fee for the midterm exam because we are not allowed to take the exam w/out paying our tuition so I guess it is my responsibility as a student to pay the monthly obligation. As the looking forward for the next week is concern I think I should think wisely and manage my time properly so that no shorten of time and also be positive always because I know that for the next week has a lot of pressure then the most important part is to pray always so that God will guide us whatever we do.

God bless us all!!!