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Published March 7, 2012 by salasbpa


     ==> When God  chooses a leader, He looks at the heart first.  When heart is QUALIFIED ,    then the ability will just follow.

    ==> Prayer is not a magic word for satisfying our own wishes, but its the opportunity to work with the Lord and accomplishing his purpose in our life.

   ==> You’re safe not because of the absence of danger but because of the presence of God.

   ==> Smiling even in the pressure and in the trials is not pretending. It’s a strength from God that enables us to go on, in-spite of everything.

   ==> Why is # 7 is God’s perfect #? When in fact 7 is an odd#?

             There are 7 days a week,7 sacraments, 7 capital sin and 7 last word. In the bible you must forgive 7×70 . Even the word  FORGIVE  has 7 letters . The RAINBOW  has 7 colors and it has 7 letters . Maybe God design it. For even the word MYSTERY , PROMISE, and  FRIENDS have 7 letters . Begin learn all the 7 virtues in life- FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, CHARITY, PATIENCE, KINDNESS AND HUMILITY.