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looking forward 2

Published December 2, 2011 by salasbpa

Looking forward for the next week







Looking forward for the next week is hard for me its because for the next week I have two reporting  from different subjects and different topics  then as part of the activities I have we will submit four (4) post and make a homepage  as a requirement in our ICT subjects.  For the next week also I will expect that I can manage my time well even if I have a lot of works. I am also expected that I will get a lot of learning. Maybe for the next week our instructor will conduct a preliminary exam because for the next week will be our prelim exam. I f ever our instructor will conduct an exam I  just hoping and pray that I can study my lesson well with full of understanding. I think also for the next week will be my hardest week ever because of activities given to us by our instructor.And because of that week I will and should always prepare my self for the big events. Despite for the busyness I am also thinking that after that event there will be good happenings for me because I don’t want to be stress for the reason of activities. I am a person can strive hard, hard working, and active but if ever there will be a little bit conflict I am also easily embarrass. So I could say that prevention is better than cure. GOD BLESS US ALL.

My looking forward

Published November 25, 2011 by salasbpa

My Looking Forward for the Next Week

I am looking forward for the next week that if possible their well be good events that will come and no problems or stress will interfere. I am also looking forward that as soon as possible I could accomplish all my tasks, assignments,requirements and etc. and hoping that in the next week is good day for me. I am also looking forward that there will be new  lesson to tackle which gives us amoral lesson and courage so that we will be motivated as a student. As a student like me will hoping that all the lesson that our instructor give will guide us to a better way, nothing else and nothing more . I also expected that for the next week there will be activities  which in the field of our interest so that it will give much more impact to us as a student. Being a student I know that every task given is a trial which we use it as our strength so that if they will come we will use that strength as our protector. I am also looking forward for the next week that if possible I could handled my task without any complain because as a student like me its not easy to handle a situation especially if you think that the situation is not appropriate to your will. Hoping and still praying again that this will help me a lot because I know this will lead me and brighter  me for future someday.  May God bless and guide me always.