MY INSIGHTS FOR LAST WEEK: A week of struggle

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MY INSIGHTS FOR LAST WEEK: A week of struggle

Published December 12, 2011 by salasbpa


Last week was my struggle week. It was struggle because of some  things that I need to be solve.I have a lot of things that I should fulfill. In that week I doubled my time in order to finish all my activities.I worked hard so that i could finish it as soon as possible. In that week i feel pain in my body and because of that i realized that we should be careful in our body. Last week was my hardest week ever. I do every thing so that no regret at the end. It`s not the fault of our instructor but it is only a part of our training on how can we handled and balance our problems, activities and task. A young and independent like me, I guess that even though how hard I`ve experience, I realized that God is always with me. Even  though that in the last week was my struggle week  I never forget to pray always so that I could get strength always from him, and no other  than our almighty God.

It is always in my mind that even though how heavy my  experience and problems we should always say thank you to our lord because through him he guides me in my way and he leads me in a better path so that I will not put in a wrong way.

In a week of struggle, I would say thank you for the experience because I learn a lot.