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Published February 3, 2012 by salasbpa

Upcoming MUST DAYS


               Next week will be the MUST DAYS and a lot of students are excited for the events. Officers, teachers and staff of the schools are well prepared for the activity. It is expected that it is more fun and enjoying because some of the students will be participating. In our department which is the college of CPSEM, I know and I’m sure that the education students are well prepared for the biggest event. In our course which is the Bachelor in Public Administration known as BPA, we have  t-shirt which is our uniform the for the upcoming event and I guess that also for the other course have also their uniform for the said event.

              I am expecting that students from the other schools will be visiting and watching the most and greatest event. Also, it cannot deny that the MOR members and staff will also visiting and joining the MUST DAYS because most of their staff are product of MUST and I am expecting so much of that. The MUST DAYS  covers from February 8-11 and each days will have different activities and when it comes to that event, the teachers from MUST will give an intermission number for the student to be happy and it is either dancing, singing or a drama.

                I know that it is more fun and enjoying. So students from MUST be enjoy and have fun. Just enjoy the moment and be happy.