Published March 6, 2012 by salasbpa




             Everybody is experiencing lose of temper, angry and loneliness in their selves. No one can ever tell  when and what time you encounter a lose of temper. For me, temper are your uncontrolled actions, stresses and etc. So, it needs relaxation to fully control your  temper. 

             Looking forward for the next week has a lot of works and activity. It is a good idea for me that I should control my temper because I am the person that it is easy to get angry. So I should control it in order for me to be calm.

              As the temper involved it is always present and it only differs on how you control it.

             Looking forward for the next week has a lot of activities it needs to finish and one of it is my reporting in taxation, the second is our defense in research subject, the third is the two quizzes coming from the different subject, the HTML for our ICT subject and the last but not the least is the final exam. Through these idea which is to control my temper,I am surely and try my very best to finish and accomplish my works as soon as possible without stress. And it is a good strategy to prove that even how many  works I have but still if your heart is willing, then it is not possible to finish your works.


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