Published March 5, 2012 by salasbpa








Effort, time, money and pray are the best ingredients to  make the work success.

    As a student one of the  requirements in our course is to have a research study or research proposal and of course w/ survey. During those times I felt a little bit of nervous since it is our first time to conduct a study at the same time survey with the official in brgy. Bugo. It is not easy at first because it needs adjustment of time to conduct a survey. So, it needs more time to complete the necessary works. To conduct a research study and survey, it needs effort to gradually complete the task, the money and prayer to guide you in your way.

             In that past experience it is hard and conscious because of difficulties we felt. We never expected that we can conduct despite of our busyness. We tried and do our best so that their will be no wasting of time. 

            In that past experience also I realized that it needs patience because if you don’t have patience you will lose your temper at all. So it is important and we should always bear  that in our mind to fully success on works.

           After we  completely finish our work the most interesting part was we went to the church and pray to the lord for the accomplishment. In that experience we feel that God never left us and it is my belief that the presence of the lord is always their. Go bless to my past experience because I learn a lot.   

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