MY PAST EXPERIENCE: The Death of My Beloved Aunt

Published January 28, 2012 by salasbpa


         Last January 12, 2012 was the exact date of the death of my aunt. It was a shocking news coming from our neighbor who scattered the issue and it was definitely proven. It was happened early at 4:00 am in the morning when my cousin awake and he called my aunt. My cousin repeated the name of my aunt tries and when my cousin hold the hands it was cold and it was found out that my aunt is not breathing. A big embarrass and worst happened not only w/ there family but w/ us as a relative.

         I feel pain when I heard the news and a little hurt in my heart. You cannot just imagine that in a little time of bonding w/ the person who really mean to you was gone in a few second , just like a bubbles , so pain to accept the truth.

           After those event we do the traditional doing just like prayer. Prayer every night or we call it ” vigil” together w/ my family, friends, relatives and neighbor. It was 4 nights of having a vigil and my mother help like distributing of  food. After the 4 nights of having a vigil it was Tuesday in the afternoon was the last and my aunt will put in a burial. I know that in her last days in these world she did everything a lot and I know that my aunt is the most and greatest kindhearted mother I ever found in this world. I will treasure all the memories we spent together and it will be forever.

        To my aunt, wherever you are, you’ll always in our heart and may you rest in peace.

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