LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE NEXT WEEK: My a much awaited Christmas

Published December 17, 2011 by salasbpa


Every person is dreaming to become happy in there lives. The same as who i am. Every December there is always one thing I’ve always waited and that is my a much awaited Christmas. When the coming of December I started to overwhelm because the spirit of Christmas is different and most especially a lively event. I have to realized that Christmas eve is the most sacred event in the month of December because this is the month where our Jesus Christ was born.

I really much so excited for next week because  I know that there will be party and most especially is the giving of gift. I am so much excited yo give a gift to the person whom I treated special and also I am excited to received a gift coming from a friend. I am surely and strongly believe that all the problems will dissolved because the month of December is the month of giving and loving. I want that in that week I can give joy to them and must be happy. There is nothing I could ask from  our lord and that is be enjoy always. Enjoy the things you have, don`t be afraid of who you are because God has a purpose why you live in these world.

I am hoping and pray that my much awaited Christmas is great and memorable. May God bless us always.!


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